Online registry 101:

More businesses are making their way to online only registries and with that comes sites like Abbiegales! The online registry that brings all that the department stores have to offer all into one place.

By Naomi Ybarra

So, what is an online registry?

Think of it like most registry services but better! Abbiegales is a secure place where you can send your guests to find the gifts that fit your needs. It doesn’t stop there! Unlike most registries, Abbiegales is unique in that you can add group giving on large items (more on that coming soon) or stick to small items, its completely up to you! We also offer the names and addresses along with the gifts that were gifted to you by each guest for thank you notes.

Why should I register online?

With physical locations, often it requires an in-store signup. If you choose to go the traditional route you might need to go and pick your items in store. Often store inventory will not always match what they have, so if you want something, by the time your guests goes to buy it, it may be gone.

Abbiegales’ registry can be done without leaving the house, simply go online and create the registry. This also alleviates the guests having to venture to different stores.

Online registries allow you to send a link to the exact location. When you choose a registry at Abbiegales, you don’t have to worry about your guests scouring the internet to find that perfect gift, simply let your guests know the link to your registry.

How to introduce it to your guests

We are in the age of technology  where a lot of people are still used to older methods of doing things. So, if you’re a bit apprehensive about introducing an online registry, don’t worry, the Abbiegales’ family loves to give personal customer service!

Introduce it on your social media. Most of our grandmother’s have Facebook by now, and we love it when they like our posts! Add a private group and make announcements on your special day and introduce your online registry. Wedding pages are very popular and this is an excellent way to share your gift registry.

Add the Abbiegales link to your bridal shower invitations and save the dates. Print is still one of the best ways to insure that all of your guests are on the same page. They can go and type in the address taking them straight to your registry.

Be open to questions, some guests might not be familiar with online shopping. Often most answers can be found on the site’s FAQ page. At Abbiegales we love personal customer service and are available by email and phone to answer all your questions.





Welcome to ABBIEGALES’ Blog!

Welcome to Abbiegales’ Blog! We’re so excited to be writing our first blog post and introducing Abbiegales’. Today, Monday August 7th, we have our grand opening of the Abbiegales’ Warehouse in Hillsboro, Texas, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you are in town or driving through, stop by and see what we have in the warehouse and join us for coffee and cake. We’d love to visit with you!

We’ve had an exciting past few weeks putting together the warehouse and working our booth at both the Houston and Dallas Bridal Shows. We loved seeing the bride’s reactions when we told them about all our services!

Since y’all weren’t there for us to tell you all about Abbiegales, we’ll fill you in here!

  • Abbiegales is an online Bridal Registry that caters to many tastes! We have price points from low to high, so you are sure to find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Every single product was hand-picked by the owners. All our product is quality. We have nothing on our site that we wouldn’t personally have in our own homes.
  • When you register, you can select from our online products, as well as sign up for our Gift Tree Services. Our Gift Tree Services include group giving for items, such as one of our furniture pieces, or they could contribute toward a certain fund, such as a honeymoon or a home!
  • Once your wedding is over and it’s time to write those thank you notes, Abbiegales has your back! We’ll send you a list of who bought what, along with their addresses. We want to take the pressure off of you having to keep track of presents and make it as easy as possible!

There is so much more to Abbiegales and we will use this blog so you can get to know who we are. We’ll be highlighting different products and services and our brides, soon!




Much love,

Lori, Miste and The Abbiegales’ Family