A Wine Glass Fit For A Prince & Princess


Schott Zwiesel Air Sense

This wine glass collection was actually designed by a prince…


Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden and Oscar Kylberg have created the mouth-blown AIR SENSE series from the ZWIESEL 1872 brand. The luxury glasses are distinguished by a particular glass wall thickness and its integrated glass decantation sphere. Each glass is handmade and mouth blown. The decantation sphere in the bowl is both beautiful and functional, providing additional aeration to bring out the complex flavors in the wine. The Air Sense technology makes this a smart wine glass powered by air.

This luxurious wine glass is a brilliant choice for savoring the most exquisite light-bodied red wines: Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Chianti

Air Sense Zwiesel 1872 Burgundy 26.9oz. come in a set of two and retail for $300.00.

You can shop ABBIEGALES.com to purchase the set for your special someone for that special occasion or for that special couple that is about to walk down the isle.

Cheers, enjoy!

Naomi Ybarra and The ABBIEGALES Family


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