Fall Nesting


Preparing for the season

The holiday season is here – cool weather, leaves changing, warm throws and toasty fireplaces accompanied by a glass of hot cocoa and gooey marshmallows. With the new season, it is time to prepare your nest to host friends and family. This might include your kitchen, having the right tools to tackle large meals, your guest bedroom, creating a seasonal look that provides a warm and cozy feel leaving your guest feeling like they never left home. We’ve provided a list of ways to prepare your guest bedroom that will leave your guests excited for the fall thanksgiving season.

  1. Cozy pillows and warm throws  ~  Embrace the season with seasonal quilts by Carol & Frank that celebrate the holidays. The quilt is designed in a lovely warm fall color palette with touches of orange, red, brown and cream. The pillows can be found in the same colors with varying designs. A perfect way to welcome in the new season and your guests.
  2. Amenity basket ~  Create a basket around the color scheme and fill with any of the essentials your guest might need. Examples would be extra wash, hand and bath towels and toiletries in the guest bathroom.  Phone chargers, magazines and an extra throw in the guest bedroom. Customize it for your guest. It shows them your attention to detail and lets them know they are welcome in your home.
  3. Steamer ~  Traveling isn’t always easy! Piling those clothes in suitcases can leave unsightly wrinkles on the most gorgeous of outfits. Keep a steamer in the guest bedroom so  your guests can steam any garment that might have been affected during their travels.
  4. Velvety soft rug ~  Have your guest wake up to a warm soft rug rather than a cold surface by providing a rug for them to stand up, stretch and start their day!
  5. Scents for the season ~  Invite your guests into the warm cinnamon scents of the holidays as they wrap themselves in a cozy throw to end a wonderful time spent together…


Warm Blessings,

Naomi Ybarra






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